Charles proxy fails on SSL Connect Method

Charles proxy fails on SSL Connect Method

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as @Berkay Yıldız says, it probably using ssl/certificate pinning.

how to fix/avoid/disable ssl pinning?

the whole logic is:

LEVEL 1: for normal http: core logic:

  • PC:Mac/Windows
    • Charles set http proxy
    • set port
  • app use Charles proxy
    • inside Wifi, set
      • host IP
      • port

Note: computer side, MUST use wired network, NOT wireless, otherwise mobile side network not usable

LEVEL 2: for encrypted https

  • PC
    • install Charles root certificate
      • Mac:use Key Chain to trust Charles Root CA
    • Charles
      • Enable SSL Proxying
        • set location filter for your specific api address
  • phone
    • app
      • install Charles Root CA
        • Note: type should select: VPN and Application
          • NOT select:WLAN
        • makesure certificate install successfully
          • Trusted Credentials -> User, can see installed Charles certificate

LEVEL 3: for SPECIAL https which using ssl pinning:

  • Phone: